Teodora Pavkovic



Teodora is a Singapore and New York based psychologist and parenting coach who specializes in parenting in the age of technology. Her work draws from the fields of emotional intelligence, attachment theory and positive neuroplasticity, and her practical approach is informed by cognitive behavioral therapy and strategic intervention coaching. She has contributed to and been quoted in articles on platforms such as The Huffington Post, Thriveworks and NBC News, and has spoken at venues as diverse as schools, banks, co-working spaces and museums. She is currently in private practice, and also serves as a learning and development consultant with The School of Positive Psychology in Singapore.

Emodiversity: Add to Dictionary

Emotions are the oldest language of the human species. This talk will explore what it means to be emodiverse, what are the pathways to becoming emodiverse, and how it leads to greater well-being and to a greater sense of what we all desperately desire more of in the 21st century: connection.


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