Swaine Chen



Dr. Swaine Chen is a Senior Research Scientist in Infectious Diseases at GIS and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. He has a broad background in medicine, biology, and chemistry. In his lab, he studies not only why some bacteria cause infections, but also tries to develop new methods so that we can diseases more quickly in the future. Another major aspect of his work is using DNA sequencing to detect and understand outbreaks of infectious diseases, especially those that are unexpected, like the Group B Streptococcus outbreak associated with yu sheng fish in 2015 in Singapore.

DNA and genomics will transform our lives

Science is advancing at an incredibly fast rate – especially in the area of genomics. The same level of advancement in computing that took 50 years to achieve took place in the short span of 5 years in the realm of genomics. How will this technological revolution in genome sequencing transform our lives for the better?


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